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Direct Production Harvesting Tender East England Forest District

The Forestry Commission is inviting tenders for two lots of direct production (DP) mechanised harvesting in East England Forest District.

The work will be to present timber at roadside equivalent to 20000 m3OBS or 17600 tonnes per annum to fulfil the requirements of our long term contracts.  The majority of the work is expected to be undertaken with purpose built machinery in a short-wood system.  There will be a small element of motor-manual capability required to support this work.

Our intention is to award these contracts for a period of 5 years starting on 1st April 2015.  There will be breakpoints in April 2018 and April 2019.

The estimated total value of each lot is between £1.25 million and £1.6 million.

The invitation to tender (ITT) document is on the main procurement page.

Relevant information can be seen within the listed appendix below: 

Appendix 1 DP harvesting contract 

Appendix 2 Product Specification

Appendix 3 Thinning Specification

Appendix 4 DP Contract Location Map

Appendix 5  DP Lot 1 Zone Map

Appendix 6 DP Lot 2 Zone Map.pdf

Appendix 7 Harvesting Site Safety Rules 2014


Please refer to Section 2.3 of the ITT.