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Volunteering Opportunities in Central District

We have volunteering opportunities across the Central District so if you enjoy the outdoors, want to learn new skills, meet new people and be part of the Forestry Commission team, why not get involved with your local forest today.

Friends of Groups

Friends of Groups are made of up members of the community who love their local woodland for a vairety of reasons.  From archaeology to cycling to site improvements for all.  Check the link to see if there is something near you!

Shadow Ranger Placements

Placements run for 6 months where the volunteer shadows a member of staff 1-3 days a week. These days are flexible and depend on shadow and mentor availability and requirements.  They will gain experience of working within the Forestry Commission and assist their mentor to complete various tasks. 

North Nottinghamshire

There are plenty of opportunities to get stuck into in Nottinghamshire.  Fancy practical conservation and site maintenance such as fence removal or rhody bashing then Weekend Workout, Woodland Workout Notts and Positive Action could be for you. 

North West

There are loads of different and exciting ways that you can help out and volunteer in your local woodland across Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and South Lancashire.  

Exciting projects at Silverstone and Top Lodge, Fineshade

The Forestry Commission is undertaking a national 'volunteering project' in 2014 and we have been very lucky here in Northants to secure the resources available to develop this project locally.

National Forest

There are two groups operating in the National Forest, Hicks Lodge Volunteers and the Sence Valley Volunteer trust.  Both have regular practical sessions at the weekend.  There are opportunities to get involved in a range of other tasks too.

Sherwood Pines

Plans are coming together to hold regular volunteer sessions to help maintain our mountain bike trails .  You could also carry out practical conservation tasks as part of a team away day with Sherwood Bushcraft.


Woodland Workout sessions are held at Osgodby Wood, Great West Wood and Ostlers Plantation. Get stuck into fence removal, coppicing and pond maintenance.


Last updated: 10th July 2018

England's Woods and Forests are cared for by Forest Enterprise England, an agency of the Forestry Commission.