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Correction to Woodland Area Statistics

An error has been discovered in the annual estimates of woodland area. It affects the conifer/ broadleaf breakdown of non-FC woodland areas published in 2013.

Information on the methodology for estimating annual woodland areas is provided in the Methodology Note on Annual Woodland Area Estimates (May 2012).  In particular, conifer and broadleaf stocked areas from the National Forest Inventory are used in estimating conifer/ broadleaf breakdowns for England, Wales and Scotland. The error occurred when the estimated broadleaved stocked areas in non-FC woodlands used in deriving the annual estimates was not updated following the release of NFI preliminary estimates of quantities of broadleaved species in British woodlands, with special focus on ash (December 2012).

This error has only affected Table 1 in Woodland Area, Planting and Restocking: 2013 edition, Table 1.1 in Forestry Statistics 2013 and the area of woodland table in Forestry Facts and Figures 2013.

The error affects non-FC conifer areas and non-FC broadleaved areas (and consequently total conifer areas and total broadleaved areas) in England, Wales and Scotland. There is no change to the overall woodland areas, to FC woodland areas or to woodland areas in Northern Ireland.

Correcting this error results in an overall increase of 5% in the estimated area of non-FC conifers in the UK in 2013 and a 3% decrease in non-FC broadleaves. A revised version of Forestry Statistics 2013 Table 1.1 is available for download in EXCEL spreadsheet and PDF format.

Sheila Ward
6 February 2014

Last updated: 16th September 2017