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Ranger in a Bag

This resource box provides all you need to successfully run your own educational visit in the forest.

The box can be hired with one or more activity bags inside. Each activity bag contains equipment, games and resources for a class of up to 35 children and are most suitable for children aged 4 - 11 years old.

Choose from the following activities.

Art workshop. Mud Green Man sculpture on trees and wallsWoodland Art

Get creative and explore the forest through a variety of activities. Search for colour, shape clay sculptures and create your own forest art gallery.


Children's fun day out in the forestSensory Explorers 

A fun packed activity walk to stimulate children's senses. See, hear, touch, smell, discover and learn.



A fascinating way to study the forest as a habitat. Use pots, magnifying lenses and identification charts to get a close up look at the creatures living beneath our feet.


Children at a pond dipping eventPond Dipping

Delve into the depths of our fantastic wildlife pond. Use nets and simple identification keys to find out about life in this watery world.


Children playingAnimal Detectives

Children will turn detective as they hunt for signs of animal life in the forest. Test their knowledge in our quiz made from clues found in our woods and spot the squirrel picnic tables.


Children playing at a den building eventShelter Building 

A great team activity. Children work together to construct sturdy shelters from forest materials. Test the structures using the ‘rain test’ and extend your activity using tarps and ropes.  

For further information, current charges or to book your visit please contact the Learning Rangers on 0300 0675359 or email

Last updated: 31st July 2017

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