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Habitats Regulations Guidance and Information

Specific guidance by species

These set out how to find out if EPS are present in your wood and how to operate if they are. 

A Checklist (PDF 104 kb) has been developed to guide woodland owners and managers through the decision-making process. This should be used when you initially consider what work you wish to do and whether you need to consider EPS on your site. It is not a legal requirement to complete nor to keep it as a record, but it will help you if the work you undertake is ever challenged. A further OSA checklist (PDF 24kb) and guidance PDF 38kb) has been provided for your benefit. This should be completed immediately prior to work commencing and again kept as a record. This will help prove that you have considered the presence of any EPS on site and that any damage that may result was not intentional. Again it is not a legal requirement to complete this checklist, but we would recommend that you do.

Licence information

This sets out application procedures and includes the licence application form.

This suite of guidance has been produced in liaison with Defra and Natural England, representatives of the forestry sector and other expert conservation bodies and individuals.

Two alternative versions of the application form are available: an electronic version and a manual version.  We encourage electronic applications wherever possible. 

General guidance

Click on the links below for information on the 2007 amendments.

Advice and Demonstration

Click on the links below for Forestry Commission presentations on Habitats Regulations.

  1. Implementing the Habitats Regulations (PDF 3 Mb)
  2. Good Practice (PDF 3 Mb)
  3. Licensing (PDF 700 kb)
  4. Case Study (PDF 13 Mb)

Advice on protected species management can also be obtained from FC area offices or e-mail:

Last updated: 24th April 2018