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Day Two: Fire craft

Ranger demonstrating bushcraft skills to young adults

A day all about fire. During this day you will make your own leather tinder pouch and charcloth.

You will learn to make glue from pine resin and charcoal, and then use this to make your own firesteel handle out of antler.

You’ll learn how to make effective tinder bundles, light them using an ember and then try your hand at friction fire lighting using the bow-drill method.

Time will be spent exploring the forest looking for materials that you can use later in the week to make your own bow-drill set to take away.

In the evening you will have to work as a team to light the fire, cut the firewood and prepare and cook your dinner.

After dinner we will have a go at some night time orienteering before relaxing with a hot chocolate around the campfire.

Last updated: 31st July 2017

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