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Day One: Camp craft

DofE Bushcraft Residentials






Arrive at 11am at Sherwood Pines Forest, meet the rest of the group and the Sherwood Bushcraft rangers, and then navigate to the Sherwood Bushcraft camp.

FIRE: Learn basic fire lighting techniques and fire safety – learn about different tinders, how to use fire steels and how to build an effective fire. Use these skills to get the kettles on and enjoy your first cup of tea around our camp fire.

LUNCH – You will need to bring your own packed lunch for this day

SHELTER: Build your own shelter – this will be your home for the next four nights so we need to spend a while on this. You will need to make it warm, waterproof and comfortable.

TOOL USE: Learn how to safely use some of the tools needed to maintain the camp over your stay. Use the tools to prepare the wood for the campfire.

With the firewood prepared, the fire and the cob oven lit, the shelters built and the camp prepared for the evening, there is time to familiarise yourself with parts of the wider forest on a short guided walk around the area.

DINNER – Enjoy your dinner that we will cook for you over the fire and in our wood-fired cob oven.

DUSK WALK: A guided walk around the forest looking for deer and bats

Spend the rest of the evening relaxing around the campfire before heading to bed in your shelters.

Last updated: 31st July 2017

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