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Summary of stakeholder survey responses

Top 10 themes

1. Extensive support for a new independent body managing England’s Public Forest Estate for the benefit of people, nature and the economy.

2. Proposals for new PFEMO should not emphasise economic objectives and income generation to the detriment of other priorities. Income generation should be means to an end, not an end in itself.

3. Further emphasis on biodiversity, conservation, environment and public benefit desirable in these proposals.

4. Recognition that ecosystem services underpin everything in PFE, and need to drive the new body’s economic model.

5. Government long term commitment to funding new body needed, the body cannot be allowed to fail.

6. The Guardians need real power, expertise, be genuinely representative of different stakeholder and sector interests, and a check and balance between political interference and failing management.

7. The public charter should guarantee the PFE as a public asset, and set out financial commitments from Government.

8. More detail needed on governance of new body, on how financial arrangements would work, on commercial activities and on accountability to parliament.

9. Forestry functions should be kept in a separate body. Lack of clarity between responsibilities for different aspects of forestry policy and delivery needs sorting out

10. Forest Research and plant health should be managed at a GB level.

Stakeholder group responses in full

Last updated: 14th January 2016