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Pre-announcement of changes to Forestry Statistics 2013

Forestry Statistics 2013 will be released on 26 September 2013. In addition to routine updates and revisions, the publication will contain the following changes: 

Results from the 1995-99 National Inventory of Woodlands and Trees will be replaced by interim results from the National Forest Inventory.

A new section will be introduced to provide statistics from the Public Opinion of Forestry 2013 on the public's attitudes to tree health.

Following changes to the data source, the table on Forestry Commission facilities and activities will be removed from Forestry Statistics 2013. Further work will be undertaken in 2013-14 to consider a replacement for future editions.

Employment and businesses
There will be a change to the coverage of the table and chart on accidents to employees, to reflect data availability from the Health & Safety Executive.

Results from the Forest Employment Survey 1998/9 will be excluded from Forestry Statistics 2013, as these figures are now deemed too old to provide a reliable indication of current employment patterns.

The coverage of the table and chart on grant money spend will be amended to show time series data and to exclude the breakdown by type of grant.

Last updated: 7th March 2017