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Fairy tale activity sheets

Download our fairy tale activities for some magical fun in the forest. The kids will have a great time making broomsticks, monsters or tiny bows and arrows.

Create your own fairy outfitCreate an outfit for Fifi the fairy

Collect leaves, petals or feathers from the forest floor to make a pretty outfit for Fifi the fairy. Use a dandelion, buttercup or daisy to turn Fifi's hair golden!

Create an outfit for and elfCreate an outfit for Ely the elf

Venture out into the woods in search of twigs, leaves or ferns to make an outfit for Ely the elf. Use seeds for eyes and grass for his mouth.

Make a forest crownMake a leaf crown

Be prince or princess of the forest. Collect leaves to pin together or bring a pre-cut strip of card, one side covered with double sided tape, and stick items you've found on it.

Make a bow and arrow for an elfMake a bow and arrow

Arm an elf with a tiny bow and arrow. All you need is some string, a bendy stick for the bow and straight sticks for the arrows.

Make a woodland monsterMake a woodland monster

Try to spot eyes, faces or fingers in the tree trunk or create your own woodland monster out of clay or playdough. Use stones for eyes and leaves for hair.

Children telling a tale in a forest denMake a wizard's broomstick

Can you design a broomstick that beats Harry Potter's Nimbus 2000? You'll also find instructions on how to make your own golden snitch, from a pine cone and some leaves!

Here's one our rangers made earlier!

Children telling a tale in a forest den












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