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1.0 Commitment

This section outlines the level of commitment that is required of the landowner, the project developer and the Forestry Commission.  It brings together in one place all the commitments required of the landowner and/or project developer.  Some of these commitments are referred to in more detail in other sections of the code (referred to in brackets), but are shown together here for clarity.

What do the landowner and project developer have to sign up to?

There may be more than one party involved in the management of a WCC project.  A landowner could be the project developer themselves or contract a third party.  Whichever setup applies, there are a number of commitments that the each party involved in WCC projects should make.

The Landowner shall commit to:

  • conform to this standard (1.0)
  • permanent land-use change (1.0)
  • manage the land as per the management plan for the establishment period and as per the longer-term management intentions for the project duration and beyond - as set out in the PDD (1.0)
  • comply with the law (1.4)
  • restock where projects involve harvesting (2.4)
  • replant or undertake compensatory planting should woodland area be lost due to wind, fire, pests, disease or development (2.4) 
  • inform future owners of the commitment to the Woodland Carbon Code and any carbon contracts (2.4)
  • making true and accurate carbon statements about the project (2.7)
  • abide by the WCC logo rules of use (2.8)

The project developer (who could also be the landowner or a third party) shall commit to:

  • conform to this standard (1.0)
  • comply with the law (1.4)
  • ensure the project/group, any PIU listings, sales to carbon buyers, retirement for use of verified Woodland Carbon Units is accurately represented in the UK Woodland Carbon Registry (2.1)
  • make true and accurate carbon statements about the project (2.7)
  • make carbon buyers aware of the WCC guidance on carbon claims and include in contracts with buyers (2.7)
  • abide by the WCC logo rules of use and make carbon buyers and landowners aware of the WCC logo rules of use (2.8)

Wither the landowner or the project developer (if they are a third party) shall commit to:

  • monitor and maintain verification for the project duration as per WCC guidance (1.0)

What will the Forestry Commission do?

The Forestry Commission will make every effort to ensure there is always at least one validation/verification body accredited by UKAS to certify Woodland Carbon Code projects or groups.  If, at any point, there is no UKAS-accredited validation/verification body for the WCC, the Forestry Commission will put temporary verification arrangements in place to allow verification of units according to schedules.

What's of interest

!! Update July 2014 !!

Amended mainly for consistency and reference to other sections of the standard.


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