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Our role in the Planning System in England

The Forestry Commission is a statutory consultee for major infrastructure (Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPS)) that could affect forests and woodlands.  (Planning Act (2008))

We are also statutory consultees on conditions on the after-use of minerals sites for forestry.  (Town and Country Planning Act (1990))

The Forestry Commission is a non-statutory consultee on developments in or within 500m of an ancient woodland.  We have published joint Standing Advice with Natural England on Ancient Woodlands and Veteran Trees

We have prepared advice on how the UK Forestry Standard can help inform planning decisions which involve woodlands and Forests. 

If you wish to consult the Forestry Commission in relation to these issues please contact your local Forestry Commission Area office.

 Ancient Woodlands and the Planning System

Development and Tree Felling

Felling licences, EIA's, Illegal fells

How trees deliver planning objectives

The case for trees

Climate change, the environment and the social and economic benefits


Last updated: 31st January 2018