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East & East Midlands Area contact details

For information about Forestry Commission managed woodlands, events and our music concerts please see our district office map for contact details (please do not use the area contact details below).

For enquiries regarding grants and regulation and advice to woodland owners please contact the appropriate Woodland Officer for your area or the East and East Midlands Area office.

General Enquiries
East & East Midlands Area
Forestry Commission
Santon Downham
IP27 0TJ

Tel: 0300 067 4574

Administrative Hub
The East and East Midlands Area Team (including Woodland Officers) is not changing. The Services previously provided by the Admin Hub have moved to the Bucks Horn Oak Admin Hub in Surrey. If you have any queries on existing legacy grants or regulations please contact them using the details below and they will be happy to assist you.

Bucks Horn Oak Admin Hub
GU10 4LS

Tel: 0300 067 4420 

Last updated: 7th March 2018