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The RE:LEAF Awards 2013-Winners

On the 15th May 2013, The Mayor of London hosted a celebratory awards event to celebrate the work of individuals, communities and professionals to protect, improve and expand the capital’s tree and woodland cover.

Matthew Pencharz (the Mayor’s Environment Advisor), Sir Harry Studholme (Forestry Commission Chairman) and John Simpson (BBC World Affairs Editor) attended the event and congratulated everyone in London for their hard work.

For photographs from the event visit our Flickr page.

Award results

The W1W Tree Planting Initiative won the Street Tree Award

For a project that improves the street scene and is valued by both local residents and businesses.  The project provides benefits to local people and those working  and travelling through the area; has secured funding and long term maintenance of the trees; gained a high profile that generates further successes
 Ealing Street Tree Initiative (Susan Wyatt, Dale Mortimer and the Tree Council Wardens of Ealing)
 Trees for Cities Romford Ring Tree Planting Project

Friends of South Hill Wood and Kingswood Glen won the Community Award

For a project that has been inspired, driven, and delivered by local community groups. The project clearly involves the community in tackling challenging woodland issues, delivers practical management and demonstrates long term project sustainability
 Tower Hamlets Cemetery
 W1W Tree Planting Initiative
 Balfour Street Residents Group
 Brockwell Park tree donation & celebration, and Brockwell Park wildlife corridor

The Garden Classroom Tree & Woodland inspired literacy won the Tree Council Trees & Learning Award

For a project that engages and involves children. A £300 prize from the Tree Council towards the project was also awarded. This was an exemplary project across a wide range of curriculum topics with an imaginative use of trees at the heart of the educative process, which continues to develop and broaden its scope for the benefit of children.
 Tree and Cities Hampstead & Lansbury Schools Projects
 Brockwell Park projects

Mark Gazaleh won the RE:LEAF Acorn Award

For an individual member of the public who has made a particular contribution to promoting or conserving trees. His long term, unwavering work to improve the environment in W1W area and engage local businesses and community in the work.
 Gwen Rosen
 Ishpi Blackley

Paul Akers of Westminster City Council won the London Tree Officers Association Individual Commitment Award

For an individual employed professionally within London who has shown consistent dedication and commitment over a prolonged period. Paul’s 40 years of dedicated work at Westminster City Council has improved the treescape of the borough. He was a founding member of the LTOA and one of the first arboriculturalists in London, so been a trailblazer in the sector. In addition, he has given his own time to support the LTOA, Royal Forestry Society and numerous younger members of the profession – thus having a significant impact across London

Conservation Foundation Films The A to Z of London Elms video won the RE:LEAF Creative Award

For the most innovative and creative piece of work that evokes the value and beauty of trees in London. It is an innovative presentation of facts about elm that highlight a range of ways in which trees, and elm in particular, play a part in people’s lives
 Colleen O’Sullivan’s photos of Cherry blossom and St James Park

The Balfour Street Resident's Group, the Environmental Action Network and Forestbank won the RE:LEAF Urban Forestry Award

Deserving special recognition for the most innovative and effective community action to protect the urban forest in London