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Camping in the forest logo Camping in the New Forest

There are 10 campsites in the New Forest run by Camping in the Forest and a number of private sites.

For information on Camping in the Forest campsites please call 024 7642 3008 or click here to visit their website.

If you are thinking of camping with your dog,  Camping in the  have provided details of 5 top tips on taking your dog camping.

Details of private campsites can be found by clicking here

Please note that wild camping and overnight parking are not permitted in the New Forest. Please use the designated campsites. We also recommend that you book your pitch in advance as the campsites can become very busy in the holiday periods.

Fact Files

The New Forest is an historic landscape of international importance and is the subject of many studies by students of all ages.

The fact files below are information sheets covering subjects ranging from habitats to timber production.

Deer Management                                Habitats

Open Forest Management                     Timber Production

Planning and consultation meeting in car park. New Forest FD

To find out more about the working forest; including cultural heritage, wildlife and conservation in the New Forest please click here .

If you are interested in learning and school visits at Alice Holt Forest, please click here to be transferred to the Alice Holt education pages.

External Websites

Educational Resources and Further Information     New Forest National Park Authority New Forest Centre and Museum                   Wild Heritage                      Countryside Education Trust            New Forest Verderers

Volunteering Opportunities                 Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust                      Trust for Countryside Volunteers    New Forest National Park Authority

 For anyone wanting more information about the work of the Forestry Commission in the New Forest, please contact the Ranger team on 0300 067 4601 or e-mail

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Hello; I live off the North Weirs Track where today the suspension on a visitors' car was broken by a large pot hole just as he entered the North Weirs Track from the Burley Rd. He said he was aware of the potholes and therefore driving slowly

Please would you pass this on to the maintenance team. Thank you for your attention

Susan Joiner - an URGENT message, 14/Dec/2015

Thank you for your comment. I have passed this on to our Recreation Manager for his attention.

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For anyone wanting more information about the work of the Forestry Commission in the New Forest, please contact the Ranger team on 0300 067 4601 or e-mail

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