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Central Services

Forestry Commission Central Services provides a range of common functions and services to all parts of the Organisation, including:

• cross-border functions, such as Forest Research, Plant Health, Corporate Governance and specialist advice,

• shared services, such as Human Resources, Finance and Accounting Services, Information systems and Inventory, Forecasting and Operational Support.

Central Services is led by Jean Lindsay whose role is to ensure the services continue to meet the evolving needs of the organisation, and to support the delivery of the Forestry Commission's Corporate Plans.

Jean is supported by the Central Services Management Board (CSMB), a decision making and discussion forum which provides leadership and direction for the collective delivery of Central Services. It monitors the delivery of services against the policies, strategies and performance measures agreed with our Executive Boards and the Commissioners.  The CSMB’s key functions are to:

• Determine strategic and tactical action in line with the Corporate Plans for FR and Cross-Border Functions and support the delivery of Corporate Plans and strategies.

• Manage the development of Central Services, including internal resource allocation, supporting the ongoing devolution of services and developing a robust business model for agreed cross-border services.

• Ensure robust corporate governance, internal control, risk management and health and safety compliance systems are in place and maintained.

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Last updated: 11th July 2017