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Forest fairy tales - West Midlands

Visit the fairy tree at Cannock Chase, enjoy a feast fit for a king or queen at Mortimer Forest, spin a tale in the mini-amphitheatre at Hicks Lodge, make friends with magical wooden animals at Rosliston Forest or explore the sensory trail at Wyre Forest.

Fairy doors at Cannock ChaseCannock Chase, Staffordshire

Meet the giant wooden pinocchio, sit in one of the three bear's chairs, tell a tale in the mystical circle of wooden mushrooms or visit our fairy tree!

Mortimer Forest polesMortimer Forest, Shropshire

Play amongst the magical forest poles, have a feast fit for a king or queen in the picnic area, visit the pond in search of the frog prince or try and find the secret trail.

Hicks Lodge Cycle CentreHicks Lodge, Leicestershire

Have fun in the natural play area, climb to the top of the frame and survey your kingdom or tell a story in the mini-amphitheatre.

Rosliston wooden snail sculptureRosliston Forest, Leicestershire

Use your imagine to spot signs of fairies in the pretty tree glade, make friends with magical wooden animals or venture across the play bridge - could a troll lurk beneath?

Wyre Forest play areaWyre Forest, Worcestershire

Explore the sensory trail at Wyre Forest and discover the mystical stag.

Last updated: 22nd June 2017

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