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Forest Fairy tales - East Midlands

Have a magical adventure above the trees at Salcey Forest, play in the witches hut or climb to the top of the tower at Fineshade Woods, find Robin Hood's retreat at Sherwood Pines or play in the mystical wild flower meadow at Chambers Farm Wood.

Child playing on Salcey play equipmentSalcey Forest, Northamptonshire

Have fun in the play area or venture along the Tree Top Way and imagine waging war on a troll army beneath. What other creatures can be spotted in the trees?

Fineshade play areaFineshade Woods, Northamptonshire 

Explore the magical oak leaf play area and hide in the witches hut, or venture deeper into the woods and climb to the top of the high tower!

Sherwood PlaySherwood Pines, Nottinghamshire  

Build a den for an elf or fairy, discover the mushroom village, cast a spell on the boardwalk, climb on the insect and the spider or hideout at Robin Hood’s retreat.

Chamber Farm WoodChambers Farm Wood, Lincolnshire

Find the carved woodsman and his deer amongst the trees or make up your own fairy dance in the wild flower meadow. Could there be a frog prince hiding in the pond?

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