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Forest fairy tales - East

Make friends with magical wooden animals at High Lodge, hunt for extraterrestrial beings on the UFO trail at Rendlesham Forest, explore the pretty tree glade at Dunwich Forest or discover mystical sculptures at Thames Chase.

Play at High LodgeHigh Lodge Thetford Forest, Norfolk

Be enchanted by wild flowers on the Nature trail, make friends with giant wooden animals in the play area, build a den for a fairy or make mystical tunes on the sound trail.

Boy playing at RendleshamRendlesham, Suffolk  

Hunt for extraterrestrial beings on the UFO trail, explore the tree glade, or spin a magical tale in the play area. Use your imagination to spot water sprites by the pond.

Clockwork Forest at GrizedaleDunwich, Suffolk

Imagine fighting the troll as you venture over the bridge or look out for signs of mystical creatures in the tree glade - could fairies have been nibbling on the mushrooms?

View from the pond at Thames ChaseThames Chase, Essex

Take a trip to this lovely community woodland to discover the many mystical sculptures or create an enchanting fairy dance in the meadow.

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