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Forest fairy tales - South West

Discover the array of mystical sculptures in the Forest of Dean, make a fairy den in the tree glade at Great Wood, become a king or queen at Haldon Forest Park, use your imagination to spot signs of water nymphs in the stream at Cardinham Woods or faces in the oaks at Savernake Forest.

Wooden horse in the Forest of Dean play areaForest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Ride the horse into battle in the children's play area, or venture along the sculpture trail and look out for the giants chair - keep an eye out in case the giant returns! 

Wooden horse in the Forest of Dean play areaWestonbirt Arboretum, Gloucestershire

Find the Dark Dell a little off beaten track in the Old Arboretum. Step through the wooden door frame and explore this enchanting little woodland and make up your own tale. 

Great woodGreat Wood, Somerset  

Use your imagination to turn pretty tree glades into fairy hideouts! Can you find a spot to build a fairy den? Collects twigs and moss to make the perfect water tight shelter.

Haldon Forest sand pitHaldon Forest Park, Devon

Hop along the stepping stones out of danger, hang out in the hobbit shelter, become king or queen of the sand pit or visit the little old house - who do you think lives there?

Wooden pixie in the Cardinham Woods play areaCardinham Woods, Cornwall

Make friends with the pixie and frog in the play area, or venture along the stream to see if you can spot any water nymphs.

Savernake veteran oaksSavernake Forest, Wiltshire

Veteran oak trees with their nooks and crannies are perfect hiding spots for fairies and pixies! Can you see faces, eyes or gnarled noses in their trunks?

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