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Forest fairy tales - North East

Spark your child's imagination with the tale of Robin and Freya in the beautiful surroundings of Kielder Lake, look out for scupltures at Chopwell Wood and explore the natural fairy tale features at Hamsterley Forest, from the beautiful Blackling Hole waterfall to Bedburn Beck beach.

Freya's cabinKielder Forest, Northumberland 

Discover the tale of Robin and Freya and explore their huts either side of the lake, venture into the Minotaurs Maze or go inside the ‘forest head’ – watcher of all the woods!

The hands sculpture at Chopwell WoodChopwell Wood,Tyne & Wear 

How many enchanted wooden sculptures can you spot on your adventure? Look out for 'The Bat', 'The Guardians', 'Bird of Prey', 'The Hands' and 'The Woodland Spirt'.

The adventure playground at HamsterleyHamsterley, Durham 

Make a fort in the play area to protect the princess or explore Blackling Hole waterfall and Bedburn Beck beach - can you spot places that pixies might hide?

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