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Forest fairy tales - North West

Come and explore the fairy kingdom on the WildPlay trail at Whinlatter, listen out for the magical notes of The Clockwork Forest at Grizedale or build a den for a fairy or goblin at Delamere.

Fairy doors in the fairy kingdomWhinlatter, Cumbria

Hang out in the play area on the bird nest swing, discover the fairy kingdom or spin a yarn in the story telling area. Don't forget to look out for trolls under the wooden bridge!

Clockwork Forest at GrizedaleGrizedale, Cumbria 

Explore the magical Mushroom Cycle trail, climb the crows nest to look out for goblins, turn the musical keys in the clockwork forest or hide out on the Ridding Wood Trail!

Green Man carving in Delamere ForestDelamere, Cheshire 

Build a den for a goblin in Witches Hollow, find the stone circle at the Old Pale view point or pay a visit to the old Wish Tree now a splendid carving of the green man's face.

England's Woods and Forests are cared for by Forest Enterprise England, an agency of the Forestry Commission.