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Operational Information

We are currently carrying out planned felling operations as part of the forest cycle. There are two types of felling operations:

Thinning: is when we remove some of the trees to provide room for the remaining trees to grow. Different species grow at different rates, so conifers are generally thinned every 5 years and broadleaves such as oak every 10 years.

Felling: is when we remove all trees in a certain area. Felling provides timber, and helps improve the forest structure for the landscape and wildlife. Much of the forest was planted around the same time, which means that all the mature trees are of similar age. We have set about diversifying the forest’s structure by spreading the felling of the forest blocks over many years. Areas felled are then replanted as part of the forest cycle. By doing this we can achieve continuity in the forest landscape, for people to enjoy now and into the future, and provide a varied habitat for a wide range of wildlife.

Both types of felling operations provide timber. The trees will be cut into a range of lengths and sent to sawmills to make timber for housing and furniture, boards, paper and many other wood products.

Health and safety

 Felling operations can be dangerous as they are carried out using machinery such as harvesters and forwarders. Large falling trees are hazardous so it is essential you always obey safety signage and follow diversions on the waymarked trails.

Operational signage

                                                 Loading timber






Lorries will be crossing Fire Roads within the Forest to collect the harvested Timber. Occasionally, they will cross or share roads with waymarked trails so please take care when walking and keep dogs on leads or within a metre from you. It is also important you do not climb on Timber stacks as this can cause them to move and collapse.

So stay safe and obey the signage!

Last updated: 10th July 2018

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