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Tackling the threats to London's trees

Tackling the threats to London's trees was held on the 24th January 2013 at the Guildhall, City of London. The conference attracted nearly 200 delegates to hear from eminent speakers, in a full programme that included the opportunity for questions and answers.

The conference was opened by Mark Boleat, Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee, City of London.

The opening address was by Sir Harry Studholme, Forestry Commission Chairman. PDF copies of the day’s presentations are below:

  • Martin Ward 
The plant health legislative framework (179kb)
  • Dr John Morgan 
The current and future range of tree pests and diseases (3201kb)
  • Jake Tibbetts 
Biology of Massaria and the experience of Islington Borough (2036kb)
  • Jago Keen 
City of London survey and management of Massaria (1983kb)
  • Dr Joan Webber 
Acute Oak Decline (4774kb)
  • Nigel Straw 
Oak Processionary Moth (999kb)
  • Sue Ireland 
The Oak Processionary Moth Advisory Group (115kb)
  • Dr Joan Webber 
The Biology of Chalara and Distribution (2588kb)
  • Bruce Rothnie 
The Chalara interim control plan (561kb)
  • Jim Smith 
Biosecurity in the urban environment (1393kb)
  • Tony Kirkham 
What tree do I plant next? (5766kb)
  • Dr Linda Davis 
Public awareness and involvement (1697kb)
  • Peter Massini 
Can't see the wood for the trees? (3090kb)

The event was a great success, with key messages emerging:

  • The need for cross sector collaboration to tackle these threats
  • The need to engage the public, by awareness raising and volunteer involvement in pest & disease issues
  • The need for political engagement and adequate resources to tackle the threats
  • The need to develop greater resilience in our tree and woodland population to pests and diseases through action such as research, silviculture and increased diversity


This event received financial support from City of London, Gristwood & Toms and Bartlett Tree Experts.

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