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Reporting an unlicensed felling to the Forestry Commission

If you have an Alleged Illegal Felling that you would like to report to the Forestry Commission, please notify your local Area office

Before letting us know about the tree felling, you should note that some tree felling does not require a felling licence from the Forestry Commission.  For example:

  • Felling trees in gardens, churchyards or a public open space where the public have a legal right of access for recreation;
  • Trees with a diameter less than the width of baked bean can (8cm) at a height of 1.3 metres on the main stem;
  • Up to five cubic metres of timber (approximately five metric tonnes) may be felled per calendar quarter.

For more information on the exemptions that apply to the licensing of tree felling please visit our felling licences webpage for the exemptions that apply. If you would like to discuss the tree felling further please contact your local Forestry Commission office.

Last updated: 31st January 2018