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Chalara dieback of ash - Advice for visitors

This disease is affecting woodland in Britain. It is not harmful to people or animals, but it can kill ash trees.

When in the countryside you can take some simple precautions to avoid spreading tree diseases:

  • don't remove any plant material (firewood, sticks, leaves or cuttings) from the woodland
  • where possible, before leaving the woodland, clean soil, mud, leaves and other plant material from footwear, clothing, dogs, horses, the wheels and tyres of bicycles, baby buggies, carriages and other vehicles, and remove any leaves sticking to your car
  • before visiting other countryside sites, parks, garden centres and nurseries, thoroughly wash footwear, wheels and tyres in soapy water
  • follow the instructions on any signs

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Last updated: 11th July 2017
  Chalara dieback of ash - browning of ash leaf tip caused by Chalara fraxinea fungus