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Cycle Route and Walk Closures
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Bishops Dyke

Crossing point Closed -The surface of this path has deteriorated, making it wet, uneven and deep.

We have done some preparatory work here to help the access recover. We may need to do some surface works here when conditions are drier. It is likely to take up to 12 months to fully recover.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this closure, please find an alternative route.


Between Post 52 and the High Corner Inn

The track to Broomy inclosure is closed for a few days from 10/4/18 while maintenance work is carried out.

For High Corner Inn or Redshoot go direct to High Corner and access Tom's Lane and Post 41.


Old railway line - Route Markers - 195-217 (between Setthorns campsite, Sway and Latchmoor, Brockenhurst).

This bridge is now closed to all traffic, including by foot, horse and bicycles due to safety concerns. Please follow the Green diversion signs. Cyclists are advised to dismount and walk down the decline. Please note this leads onto a shared track which pedestrians may be walking.

The bridge will be replaced soon. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by the closure and diversion.

Parkhill - from Hollands Wood Campsite to Ramnor Inclosure (cycle posts 279-275) This section is closed due to heavy rain.

For further information please contact the Ranger Team on 0300 067 4601





What do other visitors say?

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I like the new footbridge over the ford at Fletchers Water, just south of Marker 250. Very useful.

Dave, 18/Jul/2016
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I feel, that after having left a some rather negative comments, you deserve some praise! This is due for the section of path that has been repaired between 250 and 257. It has been raised and well supported at the sides and the correct gravel mix has been used. A job well done, which should survive the worst of any winter floods.

Dave, 19/Sep/2015
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It's a pity that your descriptions of closures can be rather vague. Where is Busketts Inclosure on your Cycle Route Map? Luckily I found it is just to the west of Ashurst, on the OS map.

Actually that brings me on to your map. I have to say it is one of the worst examples of cartography I have ever come across. It is a mess to look at and seems to have been designed by a child of 10. The use of grey to denote heathland is a distraction and unecessary. A paler shade of green would be better. Also, get rid of the tree symbols, as I think we all know that woodland has trees!

Dave, 25/Jun/2015

Thank you for your comments, in the future we will make sure that we include post numbers and a more accurate description on our working sites and closures page when appropriate. The cycle map is being re-designed this year by the National Park Authority and I will pass your suggestions along to them. If you have any further suggestions please do not hesitate get in touch via our e-mail ;

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