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Great sample pictures

Sharp, well taken, pictures help us enormously to investigate your reports.


  Chalara dieback of ash - browning of ash leaf tip caused by Chalara fraxinea fungus     Please hold your camera steady and get as close as possible as your camera focus will allow.




Ash dieback disease (Chalara fraxinea) - lesions which girdle the branch or stem can cause wilting of the foliage

Try to use a contrasting background.




Ash dieback disease (Chalara fraxinea) - developing lesion centred on a dead sideTry to take pictures in good light conditions or using flash.




Ash dieback disease (Chalara fraxinea) - older lesion associated with leaf scarIdeally, send us images at a high resolution but no larger than 1Mb.




Chalara dieback of ash - stem canker on young ash caused by Chalara fraxinea fungus, showing bark splittingUse a familiar item to illustrate scale.






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Last updated: 11th July 2017