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Bushcraft activities

Our range of activities can be adapted to suit any age. We will create a programme to suit you – just choose from the activities below.

Shelterbuilding    Den building at Dalby Forest

Create your own survival shelter out of forest materials – can you make it weatherproof? This activity is great for team work.

45 minutes – 2 hours                      

Fire lightingRanger demonstrating fire making using a fire steel during a bushcraft event

Learn safe fire lighting techniques. Try lighting a variety of tinders and learn how to select good kindling. This session could involve using fire-steels, traditional flints and steels or the bow-drill to light your fire.

45 minutes – 2 hours

Water purifying

Learn how to filter and purify water to make it safe to drink. Using just natural materials found in the forest learn how to remove particles and harmful bacteria from your water.

45 minutes

Wood whittling

Bushcraft - whittlingLearn how to use a knife safely and try a variety of safe cutting techniques. Start with a tent peg before moving on to more technical greenwood working projects.  

1 hour minimum


Rustic furniture Willow basket weaving

Learn the timeless art of basket weaving on this full day session. Learn a variety of weaving techniques to create your own round basket to take home.

Max group size: 6; Full day session


Tool use

Volunteer toolsA variety of hand tools can be used during a session including loppers, bow saws, pruning saws, froes and knives. Learn how to safely use these tools for a variety of jobs such as thinning, pruning or coppicing small trees to help us improve our forest habitat.

Half day session

Campfire cooking

Bushcraft campfire cooking pot Prepare and cook your snacks or meal over the campfire.

Or use our wood-fired, clay oven – perfect for delicious pizzas!

30 minutes – 3 hours



Green wood working

Bushcraft - green wood workingLearn traditional green-wood working techniques. Using shave horse, draw knife, froe, knife and gouge you can create spoons, spatulas, coat pegs and small bowls.

2 hours – full day


Traditional woodland crafts

Have a go at a variety of crafts – make glue form pine resin, artist’s charcoal from willow, natural cordage, knife sheaths or pendants.

1 hour – 3 hours

 Team Challenges

Test your team work skills with our range of challenges. Follow the link to find out more. 

To find out more or to make a booking please contact Karina on 0300 067 5463 or email 

Last updated: 17th November 2017

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