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Chalara advisory signs for woodland visitors in England

These advisory signs are available as downloadable files in Adobe PDF format. They are sized at A3 but will print at A4 size. The signs will open in Acrobat Reader. This can be downloaded from here

Sign types

There are two types of sign, one for non-infected woodlands, and one for woodlands with infected trees. There are editable fields within the PDF document for you to write in local contact details.

Printing the signs:

The signs can be printed from Adobe Acrobat Reader on desktop office colour printers. Ensure when printing that the Shrink to printable area box is ticked within the Page Scaling area in the print option box.

Alternatively, the signs can be printed on a suitable outdoor material, such as corex, through specialist print companies. If this is required please download the versions of the signs with 3mm bleed.

Placing a woodland manager logo

If required the sign PDF can be opened in professional page layout software to insert your logo. Place the PDF in programs such as Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator or Quark Express and use the area marked on the visuals below.

Sign visuals

Non-infected woodland sites sign.

Non-infected woodland site signs are blue.

Infected woodland sites sign.

Infected woodland site signs are orange.

Woodland managers who do not have the facility to print the poster may ask their local Forestry Commission England Area office to print one and post it to them - see for contact details.