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Application Process

The 2014/15 Graduate Development Programme is now closed to applications. We will update this page once we have further information regarding the 2015/16 intake.

STAGE 1 - Application/Pre-screen

You will be asked to complete an application and pre-screen questions. If successful, you will be invited to complete Stage 2 of the recruitment process.

STAGE 2 - Online Aptitude tests

You will undertake a Situational Judgement Test and we will confirm if you have been successful. If successful in the SJT, you will be sent a link to complete an online Verbal Reasoning Test. If successful in the Verbal Reasoning Test you will then be sent an invite to complete an online Numerical Reasoning test.

STAGE 3 - X Factor interview

If you are successful in the online aptitude tests you will be invited to book into a 10 minute X Factor style interview. There will be one day of interviews taking place in Birmingham in January 2015, and two days of interviews in Edinburgh in January 2015. 

You will be asked to bring with you an ‘object’ of your choice that best describes why you want to work with us. The panel will ask some follow up questions to find out a little more about you and the particular qualities that would make you the ideal choice.

Unfortunately we are unable to reimburse travel expenses at this stage of the process. 

STAGE 4 - Invitation to assessment centre

This is a one day assessment centre:

• Personality and Motivational questionnaire
• Abstract Reasoning Test.

On the day you will take part in a number of assessment exercises in a variety of situations, evaluated against core competencies.  The day will be based on:

• Role Play
• Team Exercise
• Group Discussion
• Written Analysis
• Presentation

STAGE 5 - Invitation to interview

You will have done really well to get to this stage and this is a final chance for everyone to make sure that this is the right organisation and programme for you.  There will be some follow up questions from the assessment centre outcome and a chance for you to ask questions.

The final interview will take place in Edinburgh on 16 March 2015.

Please note that reasonable travel expenses will be paid if you incur them for attendance at the assessment centre or final interview stages only.

Last updated: 1st November 2016