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What we expect

You will need to persuade us throughout the application process that this would be the ideal programme and career for you and that you are the best choice for us.

These are the skills and abilities which we would expect you to have already or be able to demonstrate that you have the potential to develop.

Leading and Communicating

Listen to, understand, respect and accept the value of different views, ideas and ways of working

Express ideas effectively, both orally and in writing, and with sensitivity and respect for others

Collaborating and Partnering

Change ways of working to facilitate collaboration for the benefit of the team’s work

Take responsibility for creating a working environment that encourages equality, diversity and inclusion

Achieving Commercial Outcomes

Recognise when deliverables and/or services derived from a commercial arrangement are not being delivered to the required level of quality or standard and take appropriate action

Delivering Value for Money

Manage information and financial data so that it is accurate, easily located and reusable

Take opportunities to challenge misuse of resources in order to achieve value for money and sustainable ways of working

Changing and Improving

Proactively manage your career and identify your learning needs with line manager, plan and carry out work-place learning opportunities

Consider and suggest ideas for improvements, sharing this feedback with others in a constructive manner

Identify, resolve or escalate the positive and negative effects that change may have on your role/team

From experience we know that you will also need to be prepared to:

Work by yourself or in a team so think about how you will feel in these types of work situation and if you have particularly strong preferences for either.

Be flexible when it comes to moving around the country to do your placements. You should also factor in the possibility of a relocation of your home at the start of the programme and at the end.  Please note there is no financial support for any move required to start on the programme but thereafter required business moves are supported.

Possess overall strong interpersonal skills: you will have a set of abilities enabling you to interact positively and work effectively with others. Development of your interpersonal skills is a key goal of training and development within the Forestry Commission. These skills include the areas of communication, listening, delegation of tasks and leadership.

Be resilient, especially if you have to move far away from friends and family, sometimes to a remote part of the country. Although we will do everything we can to support you, you do need to think about how you will manage under these circumstances.

Learn new things; don’t underestimate the level of knowledge and understanding that you will need to acquire. You will have access to excellent training and development with 20% of your time allocated to this. However you will need to be proactive about managing this.

Have the ability to digest, assimilate and interpret large quantities of new and complex information and data

We do not expect you to know everything about us before you apply for this programme but we do expect you to research us so that you can genuinely show an interest in being part of what we do.

Last updated: 11th July 2017