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Bedgebury's payment system

We have now introduced a payment system, based on number plate recognition.

While we are still charging by the vehicle at a daily rate, the new system is ticketless.

How it works and what you need to do:

When you arrive on site you will be greeted by a set of barriers.  There are two entry lanes, one of them wider for coaches and lorries. A camera will log your vehicle’s registration number, and the barrier will lift, allowing you to enter and park your vehicle.

Paying your admission fee

There are three payment machines located at the far end of the car park. The machines take a mixture of coins, notes and cards. You will need to enter your registration number into the payment machine. You can pay at any time during your visit. If you have a free pass or a reciprocal pass you need to visit the Information Office, so that they can enter your registration number for you.

If you encounter any problems with the machines, please go to the Information office at the Visitor Centre.

Please note: There is a 20 minute courtesy time for deliveries/drop offs etc. Vehicles will not be able to leave unless they do so within the 20mins, or their registration details will be entered into the database or onto the daily permit system (during office hours only).

Friends of Bedgebury Membership

If you have Bedgebury membership your vehicle details will be logged into the new system. Once this has been done you will be able to come and go as you like. You must inform staff if you have a change of vehicle.

On exit

As you approach the exit barrier, the camera will note your registration number, and as long as you have paid, or a are a Friends of Bedgebury member, your number will be on the system, the barrier will lift and allow you to leave.

Please ask a member of staff for the latest information or call 01580 879820.

Last updated: 10th July 2018


Bedgebury Office

01580 879820

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