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Environment Agency, Natural England and FC England logosThe  Forestry Commission, Environment Agency and Natural England work together in partnership on a daily basis all over England. Each has a distinctive role and an important part to play in helping to manage, sustain and improve the environment. We are always looking for new ways in which we can bring greater benefits for people, the environment and the economy by working together more closely.

We have brought together this set of case studies to showcase a few examples of our joint working in practice. These cases studies show where two or all three of our organisations have really made a difference on the ground. Working together with each other and with local and voluntary partners we have found new ways to pool our expertise, share our resources, or develop joint solutions. Sometimes this will mean that we show a common face or even have offer a single point of contact for our partners and customers. Our efforts to join together help to improve the results of these projects, enhance customer service, cut bureaucracy and reduce costs.

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1. Northumberland 4Shores 2. Improving riparian habitats on the River Rede 3. Humberhead Levels Partnership - Wetland Vision 4. Partnership for Urban South Hampshire 5. Ancient Woodland Inventory in south east England 6. Machinery pooling in Kent 7. Grow with Wyre Landscape Partnership Scheme 8. Long Preston Deeps 9. Wessex Nutrient Management Strategies 10. Post-2008 Northumbrian floods 11. OnTrent - Farming and Water for the Future 12. Stoke Manifesto - Natural Assets Partnership 13. New Forest Project 14. Catchment Sensitive Farming in the Nene catchment 15. Filey seabirds by-catch monitoring 16. Suffolk Total Environment 17. River Eye silt traps 18. Neroche Landscape Partnership Scheme 19. Wildlife Crime Network, East of England 20. Camel Valley Wetland Restoration 21. Somerset Levels Water Level Management Plan 22. Windermere Catchment Restoration Programme 23. West Midlands Climate Change Adaptation Partnership 24. Forestry and flooding 25. River Tweed/Till Restoration Project 26. Tees Valley Unlimited 27. Atlantic Gateway 28. Donna Nook 29. Bomere Pool 30. Olympic Park 31. Battersea Power Station 32. Green Port Hull