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Tree Hunter Challenge Trails

We are in the process of writing a series of trail challenges for older children to enjoy at Westonbirt Arboretum.  Level 1 trails are designed for 9-12 year olds and level 2 trails for 13-16 year olds.

Native tree bud hunt - a winter challenge, Level 1

Become a winter tree explorer and discover how to identify a range of native trees by their buds. Each tree has its own type of bud - search for buds that are red, green or black, hairy or speckled, on their own or in clusters.
Location - Native Tree Trail, Silk Wood
Created by James Matthews, university work placement student

Tree silhouettes - Level 1

Can you identify a tree by its shape?  Come and discover a wonderful variety of tree shapes created by branch patterns with our I Spy challenge and then test your skills with our Tree silhouettes trail.
Location for I Spy - anywhere
Location for Tree silhouette trail - Old Arboretum, dog-free zone
Created by David Turner, Learning Volunteer

Leaf explorer trail and quiz - Level 1

There are an amazing variety of leaf shapes and sizes amongst our global tree collection.  Find the smallest leaf, hairy leaves, star shaped leaves and test your leaf idenitifcation along the trail in Silk Wood. Then have a go at our leaf explorer quiz.
Location - Silk Wood
Created by - David Turner, Learning Volunteer

Tree bark challenge - Level 2

Be prepared to explore off-path to find these 12 trees along the trail.  Can you recognise these species in other places just by looking at the bark?  Use our bark identification sheet to help and look closely to answer our bark quiz.
Location - Old Arboretum, dog-free zone
Created by David Turner, Learning Volunteer 

More trails to come!  We'll add them as they are completed.

Children playing

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