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2.3 Management plan and capacity

Sustainable Forest Management

Projects shall be managed in accordance with the UK Forestry Standard and supporting guidelines for Climate Change, Soil, Water, Biodiversity, Landscape, Historic Environment and People.

Management plan for establishment period

There shall be a detailed management plan for the establishment period containing:

  • An outline of the necessary inputs and resources including a full financial analysis
  • A summary of operational techniques
  • A chronological plan of key project activities
  • Consideration of species selection for future climate

If the project is receiving a woodland grant, any existing woodland management plan MAY provide sufficient evidence of plans for the establishment period.  There should be a process for updating the management plan at the end of this period.

Longer-term management intentions

There shall be an outline of the longer-term management intentions, for the project duration and beyond.

A short statement is required in the Project Design Document to confirm the intended management regime of the woodland for the project duration and beyond (e.g. regular thinning, clearfell with a given rotation length, continuous cover forestry, or minimum intervention).

Management Capacity

The land manager shall have the management capacity necessary to carry out the planned project activities for the duration of the project.

Last updated: 24th September 2014

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