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Help prevent forest fires

We are fortunate in England that forest fires very rarely cause major incidents but we need to take care and remain vigilant.

Forest fireDry conditions greatly increase the risk of forest fires. Not only are fires a threat to human life, but also to animals, vegetation and trees.

If you see a forest fire dial 999 and ask for the Fire & Rescue Service.

Follow our four simple rules and help prevent fires.

1. Don't throw cigarettes out of car windows or drop them in the forest when you are driving or walking in the forest. Dispose of any cigarettes safely and ensure they have been properly stubbed out. Use the portable ashtrays supplied at some of our sites.

2. Only use designated barbecue sites for cooking. Put disposable barbecues on non-combustible surfaces and avoid placing them on wooden structures such as play equipment or picnic tables.

3. Avoid dropping glass of any kind on the forest floor; this can sometimes accidentally start a fire, or injure people or animals.

4. Never start a campfire in the forest as they can get out of hand very quickly.

Last updated: 3rd July 2018