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Forestry Commission England Adaptation Reporting Power Report

Forestry Commission England (FCE) was invited to prepare a Climate Change Risk Assessment under the Adaptation Reporting Powers of the Climate Change Act (2008), in the first round of reporting. The report was published in March 2012. Although FCE is not a priority reporting organisation or statutory undertaker, it was invited to report as:

‘England’s woodlands are important national assets which are both vulnerable to climate change and have a valuable role in helping people adapt to its effects’.

In common with other first round reporting organisations, FCE was invited to produce an update on its first round report (ARP1), setting out progress on actions and assessment of risk. Climate Change Risk Assessment, Forestry Commission England 2016

 In the first round of reporting (2009-11), 91 organisations (reporting authorities) were issued with Directions to report.



Last updated: 31st January 2018