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Other studies

Economic studies not falling into other categories.

Gamification within plant health in the Forestry Commission  
July 2015
The aim of this joint-University of Stirling and Forestry Commission (FC) work is to raise the awareness and identify possible applications of gamification from a plant health perspective. To achieve this, the note describes the concept of gamification, builds upon feedback gained from a workshop hosted on gamification by the FC, and presents the results of a plant health gamification competition held at the University of Stirling. Gamification provides an exciting and novel approach to tackling plant health issues and is a way of capitalising on the popularity of games to achieve other desired objectives.

Scoping a Woodland Impact Rating
 -  2014 
Impact investment is a relatively new approach in which investors seek social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. This report explores different approaches to measuring and reporting the social and environmental impacts of woodlands, including the role that rating is playing in attracting a wider audience of investors, and makes recommendations on future strategy with regards to impact investment in relation to woodland.

Microeconomic Evidence for the Benefits of Investment in the Environment - review - March 2012 (Natural England website)
This is an in-house literature review undertaken by Natural England that follows an ecosystem services approach and focuses on 'green infrastructure' interventions.  It was designed to provide decision makers, such as those in Local Authorities, with a case for the natural environment.  The review collates the findings from a number of studies on the economic value of green infrastructure.

The European Forest Sector Outlook Study (2010)  (UNECE website)
The European Forest Sector Outlook Study provides decision makers in the forestry sector with information and analysis about long-term trends in the forest sector. It projects developments in forest product markets across Europe (including Russia) until 2030 and analyses a range of future policy scenarios relevant to the forest sector.


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