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Bonnetts Wood – Making Connections

With the support of our partners, Ingrebourne Valley Limited, we are restoring this former landfill site and doubling the size of this community woodland which is located within the Thames Chase Community Forest.

The extended Bonnetts Wood, combined with the creation of a ‘green lane’ link to Berwick Glades, completes a chain of connections running from Ingrebourne Hill in the south all the way to Parklands and beyond.

The restoration of this former landfill site and extension of this community woodland will bring an array of public benefits.  There will be more room to relax; greater health opportunities; improved wellbeing and a better quality of life.  The site will provide for nature with more grassland, hedgerows, trees and enhanced natural links.

Bonnetts Wood will be managed as a ‘Productive Landscape’ with the planting of short rotation coppice, which can be used as woodfuel.

The site will be formally opened to the public during the latter part of 2012. 

Fact File

Area:  Was 16.4ha. Now extended to 33.6ha.
Walks:  Was 2.1km, of which 0.9km is un-surfaced. Now extended to 4.7km and 2.7km respectively.
Cycling:  Was 2.1km. Now extended to 4.7km.
Horses:  Was 1km on grassed areas and designated trails. Now extended to 2.8km.

Bonnetts Wood – Community Engagement

The site design has been created by our project team and agreed through the statutory planning process.  However, we would value any other comments you may have.

As part of our community work at Bonnetts Wood, we will be holding two site walks to promote the new extension and raise awareness of the many benefits of this greenspace.

These walks will take place on:

Thursday 15th March 2012 and Saturday 17th March 2012.  Both will start at 2pm and finish at around 3.30pm.

If you would like to hear more about these site walks, the extension, or specific events and activities on site please contact the Ranger on 01708 642964 or e-mail

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