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Distribution of native and plantation species across Europe

Many of the tree species we use in England for forestry are widely used across much of Europe. The pdf maps to the right show the full distribution, including plantations, of key species across Europe taken from individual countries national inventories, courtesy of the European Journal of Forest Research.

When considering species for a future climate, this adaptability within species to grow in different climates may help you as practitioner consider your options. Consider using trees from the provenance of your possible future climate.


Spread of Alder in Europe











Spread of Ash in Europe











Spread of Beech in Europe











Spread of Birch in Europe










Douglas Fir

Spread of Douglas Fir in Europe











Spread of Firs in Europe











Spread of Hornbeam in Europe











Spread of Larch in Europe










Maritime Pine

Spread of Maritime Pine in Europe











Spread of Oak in Europe











Spread of PoplarLarch in Europe










Scots Pine

Spread of Scots Pine in Europe











Spread of Spruce in Europe










Sweet Chestnut

Spread of Sweet Chestnut in Europe










Data source: Brus, D.J., G.M. Hengeveld, D.J.J. Walvoort, P.W. Goedhart, A.H. Heidema, G.J. Nabuurs, K. 2011. Statistical mapping of tree species over Europe. European Journal of Forest Research 145-157