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Forestry Commission England Plus Audit and Risk Assurance Committee

Role and Responsibilities

The Forestry Commission England Plus Audit and Risk Assurance Committee (ARAC) is a non-executive sub-committee of our National Committee for England. It was established by the National Committee to support it in its responsibilities for issues of risk, control and governance and assurance.

The ARAC advises the National Committee on:

  • the strategic processes for risk management, control and governance in Forestry Commission England and Forest Enterprise England
  • the accounting policies, the accounts and the annual report of Forestry Commission England and Forest Enterprise England
  • the activity and results of both internal and external audit
  • the reliability and integrity of assurances provided relating to the corporate governance requirements for Forestry Commission England, including Forest Enterprise England
  • anti-fraud policies and whistle-blowing processes.

Four meetings are held each year and are timed to support the financial reporting timetable.  Additional meetings may be convened where necessary.


The number and composition of the membership is approved by the National Committee.  All members are non-executive.  The Chair is a Forestry Commissioner and National Committee (NC) member.  Other members may be drawn from the National Committee or elsewhere, appointed to achieve an appropriate balance of skills and experience.

Current members are:

  • Julia Grant, Non-Executive Commissioner (Chair)  
  • Clive Tucker, NC Member
  • Mary Barkham, Non-Executive Commissioner
  • Mark Pountain, NC Member

Details of England Plus Audit and Risk Assurance Committee meeting attendance.

The following Forestry Commission executive staff also usually attend: Director FC England, Chief Executive Forest Enterprise England, Director Forest Services, Finance Director FC England, and our Head of Internal Audit.

Representatives from the National Audit Office will normally attend meetings, along with other staff as appropriate.  


The ARAC formally reports back to the National Committee after each meeting.  The ARAC Chair also provides the National Committee with an annual report timed to support the finalisation of the annual accounts.


For further information on the England Plus Audit and Risk Assurance Committee contact Richard Barker at or on 0300 067 4000.

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Last updated: 16th December 2016