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Monitoring tree health and protecting our trees, woods and forests from pests and diseases is an increasingly important part of sustainable forest management. This is because a number of exotic tree pests and diseases have entered the UK in recent decades, mostly in association with the expansion of global trade but there is significant risk of others entering too via other means.

Forestry Commission England’s Tree Health Team handles the surveillance, monitoring, identification and management of sites across England where a disease is suspected or confirmed to be present in woodland or forests.

We are constantly monitoring, and working, to minimise the spread and impact of a number of pests and diseases of trees and other woodland plants. We also work with our partners in government and industry to try to keep out exotic plant pests and diseases which could be damaging if they entered the UK.

This work is supported by communications to raise awareness of pests and diseases, which includes guidance on ‘biosecurity’ measures which we should all take so that we do not help them spread.

If you have any concerns the information provided below should help you find the information you need, when you need it.

Tree Health Contacts for England

For general enquiries about tree health in relation to trees, woods and forests:


Tel: 0300 067 4000

To report a suspected pest or disease of concern in trees:

Please use our Tree Alert reporting form.

You will need to upload a photograph or photographs of the symptoms.

If you cannot use Tree Alert, you may use the email address or telephone number above, but please use Tree alert if you can.

To report a suspected pest or disease of concern in other plants, or trees in trade (i.e. nurseries, garden centres etc), and for regulations about importing plants and seeds into the UK, contact the Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA):


Tel: 01904 405138

To request a diagnosis of a tree or shrub pest or disease

Contact Forest Research’s Tree Health Diagnostic & Advisory Service.

For cases south of the Humber-Mersey line:


Tel: 0300 067 5000

For cases north of the Humber-Mersey line:


Tel: 0300 067 5000

Please note that there may be a charge for this service.

For regulations applying to imports and exports of wood.

This includes logs, sawn timber, wooden packaging, dunnage, fuelwood and wood chips. Contact our Great Britain Plant Health Service.


Tel: 0300 067 5155 

Further information

Tree and woodland pests and diseases of concern

Biosecurity (guidance for preventing or minimising the spread of pests and diseases, including our ‘Keep it Clean’ campaign)

Wood imports and exports

Scientific research on tree pests and diseases

Animal & Plant Health Agency

Forest and tree health in Scotland

Forest and tree health in Wales



Last updated: 31st January 2018