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Trees, woods and forests can provide the solution to limiting climate change, and to helping society to adapt to the changes that we all face. We must help our trees, woods and forests to adapt and become resilient to the changing climate.

Climate change resulting from human activity is a reality. Forests and forestry, can be an important and attractive part of the solution.

On a global scale we must protect and manage the woodlands and forests that we already have as well as planting new forests to mitigate climate change.

Cutting down trees is not always bad for the environment. As long as woodlands, are managed in a sustainable way, there can be a multitude of benefits: for the climate, for people and for wildlife.

Wood is a smart choice. Timber is renewable and it can replace other materials that require much larger fossil fuel inputs for their production. It can also replace fossil fuels directly in the form of renewable energy, or wood fuel.

Trees can help us to adapt to a changing climate. They provide shade, alleviate flooding, and create a valuable  wildife habitat.

Our forests are changing due to climate change and we need to plan ahead to help them adapt.

The Forestry Commission is working to provide the answers and best practical solutions based on sound evidence. Through its management of the public forest estate, and its research and promotion work, the Forestry Commission is already playing an important role in combating climate change, and in helping forests adapt to the changing climate.

Trees and Climate Change Information Pack

A written introduction to each of the subjects covered on this website, with pages on facts and figures, definitions and where to go for more information.

Download our Trees and Climate Change Information Pack

Forests for the Future
A resource investigating trees, forests and climate changedesigned for upper Primary learners 10 –12 years, in England and Scotland, to explore the local and global issues surrounding climate change and sustainable development. There is  a focus on the role that trees, forests, and people can play in reducing and/or mitigating any negative impacts


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A Convenient Truth 

A DVD produced by the Forestry Commission to show the positive contribution forest, woodlands and trees can make to help mitigate the impacts of climate change.




Last updated: 31st January 2018