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Why a Woodland Carbon Task Force

We want a lot more woodland in England because:

  • People love trees.
  • Woodland provides lots of benefits.
  • Having more woodland will help us adapt to climate change and develop the low carbon economy.
The area of woodland in England has increased year on year for many decades but England is one of the least wooded countries in Europe and the rate of woodland creation has gone down in the past ten years.

Increasing woodland creation can help:

  • Meet the country’s targets for reducing carbon emissions
  • Grow more timber and woodfuel as part of the low carbon economy
  • Manage flooding and improve water quality
  • Create more habitat for us and our wildlife
  • Provide new economic opportunities for farming and other land-based businesses
  • Improve the landscape and provide access to the natural environment
And it can do all this cost effectively compared to many other land-uses.
Ministers have endorsed the aim of establishing the conditions for a step change in rates of woodland creation and management in England underpinned by private finance to help realise the potential of woodland to help combat climate change and provide other benefits.
To do this, Ministers have asked us, the Forestry Commission, to bring together a “Woodland Carbon Task Force” to achieve ambitions for woodland creation and management with key roles for business, landowners and civil society.
Last updated: 31st January 2018