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Do I need permission?

All organised group events require formal permission. An event cannot run without a signed license or permit in place; otherwise it will be in breach of Forestry Commission byelaws and the events Public Liability insurance will become invalid.

If you are planning an event or carrying out an activity you will need to seek our formal permission.


Below are some examples where our permission is likely to be needed.

  • participants are charged a fee.
  • there are over 20 people participating.
  • the event is competitive.
  • the event will generate significant car parking requirements.
  • motor vehicles are used either as part of the event or in a support role.
  • the event/activity will require the closure of an area to protect public safety.
  • the event/activity is planned to be held within close proximity to a Forest Visitor Centre.
  • the event location includes a designated site of ecological conservation or heritage value.
  • you want to collect or remove materials from our land eg plants, trees or fungi.
  • the event involves filming or photography.
  • you want to carry out an ecological survey. 
  • the event involves someone selling food or other items.


You, the event organiser, are responsible for the activity, the participants and the potential impact it could have on other people around you. Due to general public access, forest operations and environmental legislation, events must be properly planned to guarantee that they are safe and enjoyable for all.

If you are unsure please call us on 0300 067 4340.  

Last updated: 31st October 2017

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