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Dig in for mountainbiking

TRAIL BUILDING AT INNERLEITHENThe Forestry Commission has some of the world’s best official mountain bike trails, which are built by groups of passionate riders across the country.  Redesigning and redeveloping the trails keeps the trails at their best, gives riders more challenge and the opportunity to improve their skills. 

There are many volunteer MTB trail building groups which meet weekly or offer monthly big dig days where you can join up to 50 people for a fun and sociable day wheelbarrows and spades at the ready.

Buckinghamshire - Aston Hill

Daniel Burns 

County Durham - Hamsterley

Hamsterley Trailblazers

Cumbria - Grizedale

Tania Crockett
01229 862023


Haldon - Forestry Commission  01392 834251

East Sussex - Tilgate

Scott McLauchlan
Ride Tilgate MTB Club
07843 079 146

Gloucestershire - Forest of Dean

Dean Trail Volunteeers

FC contact: Darren Edwards - 01594 833057

Lancashire - Gisburn

Martin Charlesworth
07518 373 007

Northumberland - Kielder 

Keilder Trail Reevers

Nottinghamshire - Sherwood 

Vince Lennox 
01623 821458

Staffordshire - Cannock Forest

Chase Trails
07951 135506

Tyne and Wear - Chopwell Wood

Friends of Chopwell Wood
01207 542495

West Sussex - Rogate


Singletraction -

Regular volunteer days on the mountain bike trails in Dalby Forest, Stainburn Forest and Guisborough Forest

Cycle Ranger – Stuart Startup 01751 460454