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Bookable Barbecue Areas in Wendover Woods

Bangers on the BBQ.Due to planned improvement works, we are currently only taking bookings up to the end of June 2017. As soon as we have more information on the timescales for the works, we will update the website.

All our barbecues have the same double barbecue stand and two large picnic tables. They are all located in the same area of the woods but each has different characteristics. For those who haven’t visited before, we hope you find the descriptions below helpful:-

BBQ 1 - This site is closest to the Children’s Play Area so is brilliant for family groups and parties with children. It has a sizeable area surrounding the BBQ to play games and put gazebo's etc up. It is also one of the easiest BBQ’s to find and the most accessible as it is directly off the first small car park you come to on the main drive. This site also has good access to the toilet and café area, especially for disabled visitors as there is a smooth, solid path running from the car park to the toilet block.

BBQ 2 - This is the most secluded of the bookable BBQ areas, offering a little more privacy than the other areas, and can be found just off of our Hilltop Trail. It has woodland shrubs on all sides and has a sizeable grass area to play games and put gazebo's etc up. It also offers a nice shaded area under some yew trees for little adventurers to play within the safe confines of the plot.

BBQ 3 - This is the biggest site we have to offer and can be accessed by 2 separate entrances. The first of these is found along the Hilltop trail after BBQ’s 1 and 2, the second is from the smaller car park found past the café on the way out. This site also has easy access to the toilet block and café area with a small walk across the grass. This site also offers more shade than the other BBQ areas and plenty of opportunity to play in the shrubby woodland edge. Note: BBQ 3 is currently closed to bookings.

BBQ 4 - This site is easily accessed from the small carpark past the café on the way out and is fairly secluded from the rest of the public using Wendover Woods. It has room for games and gazebo's etc, however numbers on this site are limited to a maximum of 20. This is not due to a lack of space, but because of the proximity to one of our woodland neighbours. The BBQ itself is slightly bigger than those found in the other areas.

Last updated: 6th April 2017

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