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2.8 Woodland Carbon Code Registered Trademark

What is the Registered Trademark?

The Forestry Commission owns the registerd trademark 'Woodland Carbon Code':  

 Woodland Carbon Code Trademarked Logo

Who can use the Registered Trademark?

The registered trademark can be used by landowners and carbon buyers of a certified Woodland Carbon Code project.  It must be used in accordance with the Rules of Use and style guide set out here.

Landowners, project developers and carbon buyers of a certified Woodland Carbon Code project can download the Rules of Use of the Woodland Carbon Code Registered Trademark, the Style Guide and the Logos themselves on the right of this page.  The RGB version is for use within word processing packages, the CMYK version is for use within design software. 

Any other users, or use by landowners, carbon companies and investors with an interest in a Woodland Carbon Code certified project outwith that stated in the rules of use must contact us for express permission to use the logo.  We reserve the right to withdraw permission to use the Woodland Carbon Code Registered Trademark should we believe that its use does not comply with the Rules of Use.

What is the responsibility of the project developer?

Project developers should make sure that all parties (landowners, land managers, project developers and carbon buyers) are aware of the rules on the use of the registered trademark and logo.