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Strategies relevant to Forests and Biodiversity.


  • Biodiversity 2020: a strategy for England's wildlife and ecosystem services (2011). Defra, London.
  • The natural choice: securing the value of nature (2011). HM Government.
  • Scotland’s biodiversity: it’s in your hands. A strategy for the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity in Scotland (2004). Scottish Executive, Edinburgh.
  • The environment strategy for Wales (2006). Welsh Assembly Government, Cardiff.
  • Natural environment framework - a living Wales; Welsh Assembly Government, Cardiff.
  • Northern Ireland biodiversity strategy (2002). Department of Environment Northern Ireland, Belfast.

Forestry related

  • Keepers of time: a statement of policy for England’s ancient and native woodland (2005). Forestry Commission England, Bristol.
  • The Scottish forestry strategy (2006). Forestry Commission Scotland, Edinburgh.
  • Woods for nature - our biodiversity programme 2008–2011 (2008). Forestry Commission Scotland, Edinburgh.
  • Woodlands for Wales: the Welsh Assembly Government’s strategy for woodlands and trees (2009). Welsh Assembly Government, Cardiff.
  • Northern Ireland forestry. A strategy for sustainability and growth (2006). Northern Ireland Forest Service, Belfast.
Last updated: 1st March 2017